Geagle Productions


And Everyone's a Star

In 2008 Geagle Productions embarked on a new journey, into new territory – documentary making. The first subject was vey close to Geagle’s heart and is where the name “Geagle” originated. Eugowra is a town of only 600, however its exploits on the Rugby League field have made it legendary throughout Country Rugby League circles.  Geagle set out to make a short 30 minute film but with endless information, photos, newspaper clippings and video, this blew out to almost 120 minutes. Colour vision as far back as the 1950′s and interviews with former stars who played in the 1940′s made the film special for so many reasons. The real star of the film was Eugowra’s own Kangaroo Ian Walsh. Ian, whilst playing for Eugowra was picked in the Australian side to tour Great Britain. T he pride and passion from Ian jumps out of the screen and still to this day is one of my favourite interviews.

Even while the documentary was still being pieced together, it started to gain local media attention, creating quite a buzz. The launch included a gala day of all things Eugowra Rugby League. While the weather was atrocious a huge crowd turned out for a day at the football and the first screening of “And Everyone’s a Star”. To say I was nervous is an understatement. 200 people had come to the premiere – to hear the roars and cheers through the credits and to turn around and see the entire crowd standing and applauding was hugely humbling.

FOX Sports program NRL on FOX travelled to Eugowra for a feature piece on the football and the Geagle documentary.

Andrew Barnes